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Sundays, An evening of fine TV programming   
08:17pm 09/10/2005
mood: calm
Hello all! Yes it is me again. (Can you believe it??) I am sitting in the pub room watching Desperate Housewives enjoying my wireless internet. PS has everyone taken the Desperate Housewives quiz to see which charater they are? I usually end up getting either Lynette or Bree. (Lynette more often, hehe) Everybody take it and let me know which character you are. :o) http://abc.go.com/primetime/desperate/quiz/index.html

Not too much to report on this end. Ooh I am thinking of getting a haircut and am taking suggestions at this time. I'm pretty much open to anything (no coloring though) and I would really like to be able to get at least the front part still into a ponytail (so I can be lazy every once in a while) hehe.

I guess that's all for now. More later. Vongoochski out.
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08:23pm 06/10/2005
mood: relaxed
Back by popular demand it is me, Lady Vongoochski. Its been so long since I've posted that I had to ask Jess how to make a new post. Now that is just plain, down right wrong. Well let's see, what have I been up to since I posted last. Hmmm what have I done since February?? Ahh the usual. Went on a few vacays. Started a new job, got a new car and have lived with three very lovely ladies. Ooh ooh and I now have wireless internet so I can update my LJ whilest I watch LOST!! (cause thats what I'm doing now baby!!)

I have joined the craze and am totally addicted to the show. Jeanine and I have only had the DVDs for about 4 days and we've already watched over 10 episodes!! And now we've gotten Jess into them too. The only down side is that now I am totally spoiled to the whole no commercial style of TV. When you watch it on DVD you dont have to see which actress is now the spokes person for Maybelline or that scary as shit Burger King puppety looking asshole!! eeeekkkkk.

Ooh and another bit of excitement that I have recently experienced. I attended the Flyers game last night. It was the first game in after a two year hiatus. We had awesome seats, center ice, 13 rows up. Better yet we got the tickets for free and let me tell you it was quite the ideal situation. Cute young guys in polos sitting around me as far as the eye could see. hehe And there was a guy sitting in front of me who looked just like Andy Garcia (when he was in "Oceans 11" not "When a Man Loves a Woman").

So lets see, anything else. I took Jess shopping tonight and I do believe that I have converted another non-believer. We got her a very professional yet fashionable outfit to wear to her big interview tomorrow. And finished off the evening by grabbing a coffee at Starbucks (my mecca). I ordered my usual, medium vanilla ice coffee, but Jess couldn't decide so asked the nice starbucks lady to surpise her. She then got a iced caramel machiato with whipped cream, which she said was divine. (Jess I wrote that in here so now you can remember what it was called). ;o)

Well I think this post otta cover me for a while. Hopefully I will update a little more pomptly than before. Until next time.....
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Entry #2   
11:37pm 16/02/2005
mood: busy

Wow a second entry just short of a week after my first.  And I thought it couldn't be done.  After reading Jess's little witty story about god and the devil I felt compelled to have a new entry of my own.  Apparently the lab report muse has left me and been replaced by the livejournal muse??  Yeah ok, anywho...I just wanted to jot down what an awesome, fantasticly super time I had this past Sunday at the soul game.  Eventhough Cass's brothers did get my hopes up with the idea that Jon Bon Jovi might perform at halftime and instead we were entertained by the K-9 stunt team  I think it was a memorable experience.  I definately agree with Cass and J and will now forever be a luxury box snob and everytime I visit the Wachovia Center I will be sure to point out exactly which box we sat in and the story of the free beers (for about a half) and the nicest bathroom I have ever had the pleasure of using in all my trips to the restroom at an area.  It was a great time and Liam is the MAN for inviting us all to go with him!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow when the girls and I can watch a new episode of apprentice and chit chat about everyone's week.  I am definately an extremely lucky girl to have friends who have told me that I could fart in their face and they would still call me their friend.  NOW THATS TRUE FRIENDSHIP!!  Until next time...

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A night out with the girls   
09:57pm 10/02/2005
mood: anxious
After yet another thirlling episode of The Apprentice; Jess, Cass, Jeanine, Theresa, and I are getting all dolled up to hit the town. Black Eyed Peas is in the background and I am so looking forward to tonight. After a long week a shot is definately well deserved. Til next time...
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